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Why Participate?

Artwalk Gainesville engages the entire community with the cooperation of businesses, neighborhood venues, local artists and local entertainers. We provide an opportunity for community members to interact with and support their local businesses and creatives, as well as contribute to a robust commerce and arts scene in Gainesville.

Emerging and seasoned artists alike enter the public sphere to share their inspirations and promote their work and guests enjoy a creative way to experience exciting art and support the local economy.

Venue Benefits

Artwalk events are featured in TV ads, radio spots, and various magazine publications.  We also produce a flyer that includes a map of venues and includes your business name and your participating artists.
We distribute maps to all venues and many downtown hotels and restaurants. We also have a printable PDF on the Artwalk Gainesville website.  Advertisements are placed on WRUF (radio) and WUFT (television). 

Participants will be featured on our website and social media accounts and we share information with GainesvilleDowntown (blog of daily events), EU Jacksonville (entertainment magazine), and out of county ads on radio, like WUFT.



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